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We get excited when it comes to property, and those selling a property through us have even more reason to be – because you are about to find a Buyer for your home very fast.

We get excited when it comes to property, and those selling a property through us have even more reason to be – because you are about to find a Buyer for your home very fast.

Our highly knowledgeable and trained Valuers have extensive experience in selling homes and are able to value your property so that you can achieve a quick house sale in the shortest space of time - all our valuation services are free of charge.

We use the latest technology and market knowledge to help guarantee that we value your property so that we can make it an attractive proposition for home buyers and or investors, we look at recent sale figures in your area together with other properties that are on the market.

We take in to account, condition, and type of property, extensions, renovations, we also consider aspects such as the prospective to add value through a planning gain for an extension or adding a loft bedroom, the opportunities may be endless. We look at the local surroundings, schools, transport, parks and other key factors all of which can be key selling points to people looking at appropriate properties for sale. We look at employment and local amenities all of which could help influence a sale.

Above all, our pricing policy is important in attracting interest towards your property, once we have the interest we can encourage offers and help achieve the best possible price for your home.

Finding an Estate Agent is relatively an easy process, however finding the right estate agency that will help you achieve a fast property sale for the best current market value of your home is a different matter altogether.

Here are some questions that’s you should ask any possible estate agent:

  • Ask an Estate Agent how many houses do they have on the market?
  • How many houses did they complete on in the last 3 months [month on month]?
  • What percentage of houses do they sell compared with the number they have on the market?
  • What type of houses do they have on the market?
  • How long does it take for them to achieve a sale?
  • Where do they advertise?
  • How many sales fall away after the offer stage?
  • What is the background of their Sales Negotiators? – it is these people who will make the difference
  • What is their marketing and pricy strategy – how are they going to generate interest as your estate agents?

Once you have selected us as your Estate Agent, we strongly advise that you instruct a Solicitor or a Licensed Conveyancer, either of which can support you with the sale of your Property. If you would like we can recommend a Solicitor to you.

The Legal advisor acting for you will be able to ensure that any queries a prospective buyer may have can be addressed ensuring a swift sale of your home. In certain instances, your Solicitor may highlight possible delays in respect of your title, a restrictive covenant, a charge on your property and it may be prudent to resolve any of these issues at the early stages so that once a Buyer is found there are no outstanding issues to delay matters from your side.

Your Solicitor, will be able to liaise and deal with any lenders you may have, and as such work directly with you making sure that a completion date is set to correspond with a date that is suitable to both parties.

We will directly liaise with your solicitor and the Buyers Solicitor ensuring that the sale moves to a swift conclusion. Whether you chose a Solicitor or a Licensed Property Conveyancer you can be certain that they are regulated under their own professional bodies and carry indemnity insurance so that you are protected.

The first impressions of your property are possibly the most important ones, the appearance of which will be critical as it will help secure a better value for your home.

Here we have are some quick tips:

  • Declutter as many rooms as possible - this will make the rooms look bigger
  • If you are looking to paint, try and use neutral colors
  • If there are any major DIY jobs, see if you can resolve them, such as fallen doors, missing kitchen unit doors.
  • Hoover and clean all the floors
  • Put away the dirty clothes
  • Clean the bathroom and the kitchen
  • Make sure the property smells nice - homely
  • Try to put the rubbish out
  • Keep pets under control when viewing some people are nervous with Pets and as such may not appreciate your property and as such may spend more time petrified of your Pet rather than focusing on the potential your home has to offer.
  • Please do not give out your personal details, as your estate agents we will do all the negotiating for you.

Here are some questions that a potential Buyer may ask you?

  • Why are you looking to sell?
  • Are there any structural problems with the property?
  • What are the schools like nearby?
  • What are the neighbors like?
  • What is the maintenance cost of the property?
  • How long have you lived here?
  • What is the parking like?
  • What will you be leaving in the property?

Here are somethings we suggest that you should NOT do.

  • We recommend you do NOT allow a viewer take pictures of your property.
  • Do NOT let them look in cupboards if you feel uncomfortable or have personal belongings that you do NOT want them to see, this is your home and this is your right.
  • Try to focus on the positives of the property and the area as opposed to dwelling on the negatives.
  • If you are unable to make the viewing then please contact us, providing us with as much notice as possible so that we can rearrange.
  • If in the unlikely event at any time you feel uncomfortable with the viewing, then please ask the Buyer to leave, if you feel that you are under any danger or threat, please call the Police and call us when convenient and safe to do so. However, we can do accompanied viewings for you.

If you would like to discuss how best to answer or be prepared then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than pleased to assist with a queries you may have.

We will take pictures of your property using our special photography equipment, ensuring that we portray your property in the best possible light. Accurate descriptions are taken of your property and brochures are compiled. We then identify the best strategy to market your property.

If it is a property that could potentially be of interest to an investor, then we produce information such as local area knowledge, rental demand, investment returns, yields, employment, transport links, regeneration, to name but a few aspects we cover.

We then look to market your property on the major property search portals, making sure that your property is for people to view online, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We send out an extensive email to interested purchasers. We adopt a hands-on approach – making sure we leave nothing to chance.

We have an extensive client bank of thousands of potential Buyers looking to purchase property. We ensure that Buyers are either cash Buyers or have been mortgage approved so that they are able to make a purchase enabling you to achieve a fast house sale. Our list is increasing regularly

This is perhaps one of the most exciting times for yourself and the sellers. Our Sales Negotiators will be quick to contact you to inform you of the offer.

We will also inform you of any special condition the potential Buyer may make and we will check their ability to proceed with the sale of the property. But ultimate the final decision will be yours.

Even if you accept the offer, we will continuously follow up the Buyer and their Solicitor and Financial advisors, ensuring that we get to a speedy exchange of contracts and completion.

Once you have accepted the Offer on your Property, we will prepare and send out a Memorandum of sale to all parties concerned, setting out the agreed price together with any special conditions. A copy of which will go to both sets of solicitors acting for the Seller and the Buyer.

Once preliminary enquiries have taken place and the Buyers Solicitor is satisfied with the replies to Sellers Enquiries and reply to searches and requisitions and is in receipt of a Mortgage Offer then the Buyers Solicitors can agree a date to exchange contracts.

Exchange of contracts is a Legal Agreement that binds the Seller and the Buyer and upon signing the Buyer will normally pay a deposit and a completion date will be set to a mutually agreeable date.

Completion is when the balance of monies is received by the Sellers Solicitors. Your solicitor will then contact you once he has received the monies and will inform you to release the keys. Congratulations, your property is sold. We will love to hear from you and hopefully add you onto our wall of success

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